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2003/03/09 : GPassGuard V0.02alpha available

   In this revision, you can choose which plugin you want to use and which file. You also let the plugin choose its default file

2003/03/09 : PassGuard FPM/Blowfish plugin V0.02alpha and GPasman/RC2 plugin V0.2 available

   These new releases define the default password ; $HOME/.gpasman for the GPasman/RC2 plugin and $HOME/.fpm/fpm for the FPM/Blowfish plugin.

2003/03/09 : PassGuard Framework V0.2 available

   This new version bring some new function which add the possibility to define a default password file in plugins. With this new feature, the final user doesn't have to worry about where its password are stored if he doesn't care about it.

2003/03/07 : New Plugin available for Figaro's Password Manager files (V0.01alpha) !!

   The first release of the plugin that read files encrypted with Figaro's Password Manager from John Conneely <jconneely@figaro.org> with a Blowfish algorithm. This version support only read-mode of this file, but write ability will be implemented very soon !

2003/03/03 : New release of *PassGuard suite packages (V0.1) and the first version of GPassGuard (V0.01alpha) !!

   In this release, some instructions have moved from the plugins to the framework. So if you update your framework package, don't forget to update your plugins packages too !!
   Additionnaly, the first alpha release of GPassGuard, the GTK+2.0 frontend, is available ! This is a read-only version for a file named $PREFIX/etc/.gpasman encoded with the plugin RC2/gpasman. Edition of the password file is not included for the moment so you will need the TPassGuard program to create a password file first.
   The gpasman plugin has been modified to deal with the framework changes.

   You can find all this new stuff with more precise ChangeLog in the Download section.

   And don't forget to reports bugs ;-)

2003/02/27 : GPassGuard imported in CVS !!

   The first developpement version of GPassGuard, the GTK2 *PassGuard frontend, has been imported in the Sourceforge CVS Tree. A first alpha version should be available very soon !

2003/02/24 : New release of *PassGuard suite packages (V0.02alpha) !!

   In this second release, the framework has been a little adapted to the needs of programs that use it. It's still under construction but although quite stable ; there should not have big changes in the near future.
   The new version of the text based program TPassGuard is a lot more functionnal than the first one. Now, it is possible to add, delete and modify passwords and the query mode is more precise ; it's possible to have partial result if your query is not complete.
   The gpasman plugin is fully operational.

   You can find all this new stuff with more precise ChangeLog in the Download section.

   Bug reports are always welcome ;-)

2002/06/15 : Related projects added to the Links section

   Some new related projects found on freshmeat.net has been added in the Links section.

2002/06/11 : First working set of package (V0.01alpha) !!

   A first alpha version of the framework, a plugin for gpasman files and a text command line based program to make queries are available for download on the Download section.

   Try them and don't hesitate to report bugs if you find any in the Bug reports section !

2002/05/10 : Links section added and a first plugins

   A new section appeared with somes links to other related projects and personal projects. And a first plugins managing GPasman file format has been added in the CVS repository but nothing is working for the moment, it's under heavy developement ;)

2002/05/09 : Help and suggestions are welcomed

   If you have some suggestions to make, some features you would like to see in *PassGuard applications, send them in the Features requests section.

2002/05/09 : *Passguard suite project started !!

   The purpose of *Passguard suite project is to make a set of application based on a common framework to manage numerous passwords encrypted in a file. It can deal with many encrypted file types thanks to a plugins system. It is plan to have a client/server system in order that many administrators can share their servers passwords.

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